Dr Hunt graduated from Harper College in Illinois with an AS degree.  He began attending Palmer West Chiropractic school in 2000 and graduated in December 2003. He has attended over twenty post graduate courses in order to better serve his patients and keep up with recent advances in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. The course list includes:
Feb 2005Management of Cervical Disorders
Jan 2005Core Strength and Beyond C.Creager
Oct 2004Gary Gray Chain Reaction Transformation
Aug 2004Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
3 week Observation
Mckenzie Cervical Spine
July 2004Whiplash and Brain Injury Module #3
June 2004Chiropractic Rehabilitation Module #5
May 2004Chiropractic Rehabilitation Modules #3, 4
McKenzie Lumbar Spine
March 2004Dynamic Control of the Lower Extremity
Whiplash and Brain Injury Module #2
Chiropractic Rehabilitation Module #2
Feb 2004Dynamic control of the Cervical Spine
Dynamic control of the Shoulder
Return to work Return to Sport
Dynamic control of the Sacroiliac Joint
Jan 2004Whiplash and Brain Injury Module #1
Jan 2004Chiropractic Rehab Module #1
Dec 2005Validating Chiropractic
M Slosberg
Oct 2005Mulligan Upper Quadrant
B. Mulligan
Sept 2005Mulligan Lower Quadrant
J. Paolino
June 2005Mulligan Introductory Course
D. Reordan

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Testimonial :
I visited Dr Colle and I must say he worked a miracle on me. I had very severe upperback/ shoulder/neck pain and was unable to sleep in the night for couple of months. He correctly diagnosed the problem while all the specialists and physiotherapists failed to do (in 2 months time). So I had good experience with all the chiropractors so far. Specially Colle whom I visited around 8 times and every visit he would spend a lot of time listening to me and analyzing where the pain was and give me exercises to strengthen the muscles etc.
--- S.R.