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Stretch Therapy

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You have only to watch the movement of a baby or small child for a short time to realize that they’re very flexible.

But while we all start out this way, as most people get older, they gradually become less and less flexible. It’s generally accepted that our bodies lose 1 degree of flexibility each year. There are a lot of causes for this decline in flexibility; they can range from lack of exercise to everyday activities like running or sitting at a computer or traumas like being in a car accident.  While 1 percent may not seem like much, if you don’t do anything to reverse it, that adds up to a very noticeable 10 percent loss of flexibility each decade.

The good news is that there’s a very simple and effective way to regain lost range of motion: stretching.  While physical therapists and trainers have used stretching to condition the body for many years, new insights into the way the human body functions have dramatically improved its effectiveness. Dr. Hunt uses an advanced form of stretch therapy to help his patients.

Some of these new insights include the following:

  • Relaxing the joints helps muscles to relax, too.
  • Using multiple angles when stretching fully releases the muscle.
  • Including specific breathing techniques helps the muscles relax.

Dr. Hunt has used stretch therapy to help his patients experience significant improvements in the range of motion. Best of all, when you combine stretching with special breathing techniques, these gains occur in a relaxed, pain free manner.

So whether you’re tired of having tight muscles or looking to improve your sports performance, why not give our modern stretching a try? You’ve got nothing to lose except muscle tightness and pain!