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During my time as a chiropractor, I’ve had success in helping many patients who came to me in pain because of sports injuries, back problems related to office work and neuropathy. All of these testimonials were offered voluntarily and these patients did not receive any compensation. Here’s how my patients feel about my chiropractic care:






Dr. Colle is different from other chiropractors. He’s way ahead in technology frdr colle christine kennedy headshot 168x240om anybody I’ve ever met. With the laser and the techniques he has, it’s phenomenal to be still able to race. He just knows sports medicine in a way that’s amazing. You go to him and you come out reassured and knowing he cares and that he’ll find a way to help you. I would recommend him to anybody.”  — Christine Kennedy, distance runner & owner of Athletic Performance in Los Gatos



“When I first came to Active Spine and Sports, my knee was painful and stiff. Dr. Hunt did a great job of listening to me and helping me get more flexible again in a short amount of time. I’m impressed with the way Dr. Hunt uses advanced techniques and laser treatments that make it possible for me to perform at my highest level on the football field. I’d recommend Active Spine and Sports to anyone who wants to stay at the top of their game.” — Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers tight end


“I visited Dr. Colle and I must say he worked a miracle on me. I had very severe upper back/ shoulder/neck pain and was unable to sleep in the night for couple of months. He correctly diagnosed the problem while all the specialists and physiotherapists failed to do (in two months’ time).  Colle, whom I visited around eight times, and every visit he would spend a lot of time listening to me and analyzing where the pain was and give me exercises to strengthen the muscles.” —  S.R.


olivia grab thumbnail“At the beginning of the season, I … got a stress fracture to my foot and my tendons got all messed up. It was super painful and I had a rough recovery until I met Dr. Hunt. He used this laser, this advanced laser that really healed my soft tissue and bone and just my foot. There are no side effects besides being able to play. I would tell everyone who… has an injury to come get this laser. I recommend it to anyone; it’s great technology!” — Olivia, college soccer player


“Upon meeting Dr. Hunt, I was just going to receive laser treatment/therapy for a hamstring injury. I find myself currently receiving treatment/therapy for situations that may seem petite i.e. improving joints and movements, stretching and muscle tension and tightness. I also find myself becoming more knowledgeable about my body and how it works. Dr. Hunt treats the body while educating the mind.” — Manny Lawson, Buffalo Bills outside linebacker (formerly with the 49ers)