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Laser Light Therapy

Dr. Colle Hunt uses high power laser therapy to offer relief to one of his patients.

Dr. Colle Hunt uses high-power laser therapy to offer relief to one of his patients.


For most people, lasers are the stuff of Star Wars light sabers, CD players and grocery store scanners. But a new kind of low-heat laser is being used to help speed healing in patients with chronic joint pain, sprains, and strained muscles.

Because of advances in healthcare, Americans are living longer. Unfortunately, pain or stiffness in the body can be a part of the aging process. According to the Journal of Rheumatology, arthritis and back pain sufferers will increase by 64.9% and 52% respectively, by the year 2020.

Innovative medical practitioners like Dr. Colle Hunt of Active Spine & Sports in San Jose, Calif. are using the healing power of therapeutic lasers to help patients decrease pain, heal faster and be more flexible.

“I heard the laser was being used for professional athletes to help them recover from injuries,” says Dr. Hunt. “It helps my patients get out of pain faster and get to their normal lives.”

Dr. Hunt was one of the first doctors in the Silicon Valley area to offer high-power laser therapy (HPLT) using the  the first FDA-approved class 4 laser for non-surgical use.  Avicenna, based in Florida, was the first company to get FDA approval for class 4 laser therapy.

“I find the laser very helpful for  patients with many conditions involving pain or injuries to muscles and other soft tissue,” says Dr. Hunt. “The warmth from the laser stimulates blood flow, which speeds up the body’s natural healing process.”

High power laser therapy is able to relieve pain or speed healing in people with the following conditions: arthritis,neck, back, hip, knee, or shoulder pain, post surgical pain, sciatica, sprains and strains. The laser painlessly accelerates the healing process on a cellular level and, sedates nerves, and improves local blood flow.  These benefits spell faster healing, less pain and more mobility.

While many pain sufferers are not yet aware of the benefits of HPLT, many collegiate and professional sports programs are already using it with excellent results. Read some of Dr. Hunt’s testimonials from patients. Some hospitals also offer laser therapy to speed recovery after surgery.

“I’ve used it on marathon runners, people with back pain, football players like Vernon Davis and Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers with knee pain and ankle strains and software engineers with carpal tunnel and wrist pain,” says Dr. Hunt. “The laser decreased their healing time by half.”

If you or someone you know is hampered by pain or the lingering effects of an old injury, why not put the healing power of HPLT to work for you. The treatment is painless, soothing, and very effective. For more information about HPLT or to make an appointment for treatment, call 408-836-5997 and ask for Dr Hunt. You’ve got nothing to lose except your pain!