Thank you for taking time to read my testimonials. In a world where self promotion often gets attention, I figured that I would allow my patients to share their experiences with you. All of the testimonials are true and accurate, I did not alter them in order to make myself look better. (I think it is illegal to make up testimonials about oneself, and if it isn't it should be!) These experiences are exceptional and may not happen in all cases. - Dr. Colle Hunt Jr. D.C.

Index of Health Issues

  1. Neck Pain
  2. Headaches
  3. Sinus Congestion
  4. Upper Back Pain
  5. Vertigo
  6. Shoulder Pain
  7. Low Back Pain
  8. Hamstring Strain
  9. Knee Pain
  10. Plantar Fasciitis
  11. Shin Splints
  12. Event Comments

Neck Pain

For years I have been experiencing excruciating neck and shoulder pain which had disabled me from my daily activities therefore, changing my life style.

After years of living with this pain, and going from one health care Doctor to another - with all of them blaming my problems on stress and could not help me (which I knew was not the case) I was referred to Dr. Hunt, whom has brought me back to life again. Dr Hunt has eliminated the pain in my neck and shoulders I have had in the prior years where I am now able to enjoy my years to come.

Without Dr. Hunt, I don't know where I would be.

Deborah Kaminskas

Dr. Colle is a marvel! After ten days of chronic pain, with just one nervous system treatment and one laser treatment I was pain free! Dr. Colle's calm confidence and gentle humor were so reassuring. I may not be a 49er (or even a 49er fan) but I sure benefited from Dr. Colle's experience. Thank you Dr. Colle for helping me!

Linda Newman
Fremont, CA


My name is Maria Castellon and I had a very bad headache, stiff neck and chest pain. I hurt so bad I had to go to my medical doctor and she gave me some medication. Even though my MD told me not to go to see Dr. Hunt my chiropractor I went anyway. After treatment my headache, neck stiffness and chest pain went away. I was truly amazed by the treatment because he never touched my head, neck or chest, instead he applied pressure to some points on my arms and legs. I thank you so much Dr. Hunt.

Maria Castellon

I have had stress-related pain for several years. After my regular Dr. had performed most tests - everything from colonoscopy and endoscopy to contrast MRI on my brain. She concluded that my symptoms were due to muscular tension. She told me I was so tense my muscles had literally "glued themselves together." The only remedy was massage to loosen them up. After a few weeks of regular massage therapy, without adequate results, I was referred to Dr. Colle Hunt. After just a few treatments with laser heat and positional reflexology I was pain free.

It amazes me how accupressure on my hands and feet greatly diminshes the pain in my lower back, neck, and migraine headaches. Dr. Colle's calm manner and peaceful treatment room aid in relaxation. I wish I could find adequate words to describe the relief of pain and clarity in my thoughts as a result of the method of treatment. I would encourage anyone suffering from chronic pain to make an appointment with Dr. Colle.

The effectiveness of the treatment is amazing.

Patricia Elliott

Sinus Congestion

I was having extreme stoppage in my nsasal passages when awakenning in the middle of the night. I could not breath thru my nose for at least one to two hours. This condition had been for one year. After one treatment by Dr. Hunt my condition has almost completely cleared up. I have not been completely stopped up since his treatment.

J Blaul

Upper Back Pain

My name is Regina Olmos. I met Dr. Colle on a flight to Southern California. He mentioned he was a chiropractor and coincidently I was having an enormous amount of pain in my back. I started to visit him and after about 4 visits I felt a great amount of relief! I am very grateful to Dr. Colle, as I have seen a chiropractor in the past and received no results. Thank you Dr. Colle!


I first heard about Dr. Hunt from my mother. She was aware if an ongoing neck pain problem I had been living with, along with a reoccurance of vertigo I had experience four months prior, and believed that Dr. Hunt could help.

I am typically not a procrastinator, but I found myself not making the call to schedule an appointment. One day, after complaining again to my mother, I received a call for Dr. Hunt.

I know that most people do not like to receive unsolicited calls, me being no different, but I immediately felt open to talk with Dr. Hunt about what I had been experiencing, and therefore scheduled and appointment.

My immediate concern was the feeling of vertigo I felt was just on the horizone of re-occurring again. Secondary, was the long term neck/nerve pain I had been experiencing during the past year.

After my initial treatment I felt the following:

  • No feeling or presence of vertigo
  • And the neck pain had been greatly reduced

What I didn't feel:

  • Pain during my treatment
  • And the traditional chiropractic "cracking", which I always believed was necessary to attain a result.

I've been truly amazed with the treatment I've received from Dr. Hunt. In such a short time I'm feeling like I'm no my way back to good health.

I would recommend Dr. Hunt to my family and friends without hesitation. He has been the missing key for me to get back to god health and I now feel I'm on my way!

Toni Grijalva

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

My name is Cris Garcia. I ws referred to Dr. Colle by a close friend. In Just two visits Dr. Colle drastically lowered the pain level in my lower back. Thank you! Dr Colle.

Cris Garcia

Hamstring Strain

Upon meeting Dr. Hunt, I was just going to receive laser treatment/therapy for a hamstring injury. I find myself currently receiving treatment/therapy for situations that may seem petite, i.e. improving joints and movements, stretching, and muscle tension/tightness. I also find myself becoming more knowledgeable about my body and hot it works. Dr. Hunt treats the body while educating the mind. He also teaches, demonstrates, and or shows one how they could take care of their body away from him and the office. I find my body feeling better and better day by day despite the pounding we as football players put ourselves through every Sunday, which is crucial due to the long season.

Thank you Dr. Hunt!

Manny Lawson #99
San Francisco 49ers

Knee Pain

"When I first came to Active Spine & Sports, my knee was painful and stiff. Dr. Hunt did a great job of listening to me and helping me get more flexible again in a short amount of time."

"I'm impressed with the way Dr. Hunt used advanced techniques and laser treatments that make it possible for me to perform at my highest level on the football field. I'd recommend Active Spine & Sports to anyone who wants stay on top of their game."

Vernon Davis
Tight End
San Francisco 49ers

I recently dislocated my patella and as a martial artist, I wanted to move rapidly and get back on my feet. After just two treatments, I realized a dramatic decrease in morning and evening stiffness and aches in my knee. This is allowing me to walk more normally and to accelerate my strengthening program.

Rob K.

Plantar Fasciitis

I have been experiencing pain in both of my feet, at the ankle and on the soles. The pain could occur upon rising in the morning, or after being on my feet all day at work. It would sometimes be painful taking those first steps out of bed in the morning, or taking my daughter and dog for a walk after dinner. At times it could be painful enough to bring tears to my eyes.

I was treated by Dr. Colle Hunt for what he diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. I cannot give you the details of this medical condition, but I can tell you that my feet and ankles are no longer causing me any discomfort. I am able to get up in the morning with those first steps being pain free. I am able to be at my job all day, with the majority of the day spent on my feet, and still walk with my daugter in the evening without being in pain.

If you are experiencing pain in your feet and ankles, I highly recommend that you schedule a visit with Dr. Hunt. I can't thank him enough for helping make walking and standing a pain free experience.

Sharon Sullivan

Shin Splints

I am a runner and now a triathlete. As I ask my body to keep up with what my mind wants to accomplish, injuries occur. My shins are problematic and have prevented me from running and doing what I love. After seeing Dr. Colle for what I consider a short amount of time I can run free of pain. I thank you and your amazing laser!

Faye Stottrup

Event Comments

These comments are from people I've never met before, who received an extremely brief treatment at various athletic events.

The "huge" knot that was in my shoulder is gone! I am not feeling any pressure or tightness anymore

Injured shoulders exercising
after few minute treatment - feeling no pain

Before - tenderness
pain to the touch
After - no tenderness
significant reduction of pain to the touch
I'll call in a day or two and let you know!

Felt more relaxed and enlightening!